Graveside Memorials Guidelines

Wagga Wagga City Council is asking for help to preserve the look and feel of the Cemetery that is enjoyed by many.

  • Use only recommended memorial containers
  • Memorial items that are not within the recommendations will be removed from 1 August 2011

Wagga Wagga City Council is responsible for the operation of the Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium, and takes great pride in ensuring the grounds remain a respectful resting place.

Visitors to Wagga Wagga's Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium are respectfully reminded of the guidelines in place for those wishing to commemorate the lives of loved ones who have passed.

To be kind to the environment and considerate to the many visitors and Council workers who maintain the grounds daily, the current Wagga Wagga Cemeteries Policy (POL 039) states that the most appropriate way of placing special items on memorials, is to use a recommended container.

To preserve the look and feel of the Cemetery that is enjoyed by so many, vases for flower placement on memorials are available for purchase from the Cemetery Office. Staff will then place/secure the vase/s in the appropriate position.

From Monday, 1 August 2011 Cemetery staff will remove and dispose of all non-standard containers, as well as statues, figurines and toys etc.

If residents wish to keep the items placed in memoriam that fall outside the guidelines, Council is requesting they be removed before this date.

Should you have any further inquiries, please contact the Cemetery office on (02) 6926 9310

Wagga Wagga City Council Memorial Policy

2.1.6 Memorials

Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium:

  • All memorial components are to be ordered through the Cemetery office and must be ordered and approved by the grantee or Authority for Burial. Funeral Directors are not permitted to order memorials on behalf of families.
  • Council accepts no responsibility for the condition or theft of memorials after placement.
  • In section 3, only 380 x 280mm bronze plaques (without granite backing panels) are permitted.
  • In sections 1, 2, 4-7 and 10, memorial options allowed are bronze plaques, plaques on granite panels or engraved granite panels. Maximum size of memorials for each burial is not to exceed 865mm in width and 355mm in height (300mm in sections 1 and 2).
  • In section 8, only upright granite headstones are allowed measuring 500mm (height) x 900mm (width).
  • No glass items or drink containers are permitted at memorial positions.
  • Ceramic items less than 15cm in height and secured as below are permitted.
  • Solar lights and windmills are permitted only if they are secured in a Council approved vase. Council accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to the vases in this process.
  • Soft toys less than 15cm in height are permitted.
  • Secured items are not to encroach on neighbouring graves.
  • Items are to be secured only to the bronze plaque or granite panel and not to the concrete beam. Council accepts no responsibility for the condition of the memorial when items are secured.
  • Any items not meeting these requirements will be removed; the grantee will be advised where possible and items will be held for collection at the Cemetery Office for three months.
  • Only flower containers approved by Council and purchased through the Cemetery office are permitted and Cemetery staff will remove all non-standard containers.
  • Payment of burials and memorials must be paid in full before any memorial can be placed.

Monumental and Rural Cemeteries:

Families are responsible for arranging memorials subject to the necessary permit being submitted and approved. Council accepts no responsibility for the condition and upkeep of the grave and any monument placed.

2.1.7 Veterans Affairs Memorials

The Department of Veterans Affairs is liable for all costs associated with the memorialisation in all Cemeteries and the Crematorium within the Wagga Wagga City Council area for deceased ex-service personnel, organised and arranged directly by that Department with the family of the deceased.

Council will allow placement of memo rial plaques supplied by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission within the Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium provided the plaque size conforms with the standard size of plaques used in the relevant section of the Cemetery or Crematorium.