Whether you are a new food business owner, are an operator of a temporary food stall business or starting up a new business, below you will find information to all facets of food handling.

Food Handling & Council's Role

Wagga Wagga City Council employs Authorised Officers to conduct routine inspections of commercial food businesses and investigation of food borne illnesses within the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area.

Inspections are conducted by Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) in accordance to the Food Act 2003, Food Regulation 2015 and the Food Standards Code. During inspections EHOs may also verify other legislative requirements such as Food Safety Supervisor or Fast Choices Menu Labelling requirements. The frequency of inspections is highly dependent on the risk rating allocated to the food premise. Inspections are charged according to Council's Fees and Charges of the current financial year.

Food premises construction and fit-out

If you are lodging a Development Application for a new food premises, or planning major construction and fit out changes to an existing approved food premises, minimum requirements in accordance to the Australian Standards and the Food Standards Codes must be adhered to. Please see the below guideline for food premises construction and fit-out requirements.

Food premises - Design Construction and fit-out guide.pdf 556.2 KB Download

Food related complaints

All food borne illnesses should be reported to the NSW Food Authority via the hotline: 1300 552 406 where operators are available from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Having all the information from complaints compiled ensures that appropriate action can be taken. General complaints (e.g. cleanliness and hygiene) regarding a food business within Wagga Wagga Local Government Area may be forwarded to Council's Environmental Health Officers.

Food safety newsletter and fact sheets

Fact Sheets:

Guideline to Food Safety Supervisor Requirements

Temperature Control

Cleaning and Sanitising



Guidelines for Temporary Events

For further resources on Food Safety please visit NSW Food Authority or Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

Food Safety Newsletters:

Food Safety Newsletter - October 2023 986.1 KB Download

Food Safety Newsletter - August 2022 1.6 MB Download

Food Safety Newsletter - May 2022 1.0 MB Download

Food Safety Newsletter - April 2021 1.1 MB Download

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Food for Thought April 2020 - Coronavirus Edition 455.2 KB Download

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