Bomen Revegetation Project

The Bomen Revegetation Project aims to address the impact of climate change and promote biodiversity through the planting of over 50,000 seedlings in the Bomen area. The project is funded by Spark Infrastructure in partnership with Westpac following local investment in the 120MW Bomen Solar Farm. Additional financial support and project management of the Bomen Revegetation Project is being provided by Wagga Wagga City Council.

The Bomen Revegetation Project will cover a total area of 58 hectares and will support the protection and enhancement of local endangered vegetation communities and threatened fauna species through extending connections to existing remnant vegetation. Locally endemic species will be planted to provide food sources and habitat for fauna including many threatened species including:

  • Superb  parrot
  • Swift parrot
  • Glossy Black-cockatoo
  • Regent honeyeater
  • Grey-headed flying fox

Each seedling will also absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which will help mitigate climate change. It is estimated the Bomen Revegetation Project will draw 8,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents over the next 25 years.

The Bomen Revegetation Project will be undertaken over 5 planting seasons between 2021-2025. In the Wagga Wagga region mass plantings are best undertaken during winter to take advantage of higher rainfall ahead of the hotter and drier summer conditions.

Spark Renewables Westpac