Help us plant 65,000 seedlings in our local area over the next 6 years.


Seedlings planted

The 'One Tree for Me' campaign aims to get 65,000 seedlings planted in our local area over the next 6 years. That is one seedling for every resident. This will be achieved through a mix of activities including:

  • Free seedling giveaways
  • Community tree planting activities on community land
  • Supporting schools through Planet Ark's Schools Tree Day campaign

The 'One Tree for Me' campaign is an action under Council's Biodiversity Strategy: Maldhangilanha 2020-2030. Biodiversity is the variety of all life forms; plants, animals, the genes they contain and the ecosystems in which they live. Species and ecosystems are interconnected and interdependent, and all people are reliant on ecosystem goods and services (food, water, health and recreation) delivered by the natural environment.

A key threat to biodiversity is the clearing of native vegetation. Replanting this vegetation across our area is an important step in repairing this damage and providing the habitat to restore populations of native fauna.

Our seedling giveaways are finished for 2023

Thank you to everyone who turned up to help us get another round of native seedlings into our backyard community. Look out for us in 2024 when we will start up again in June, and run our giveaways until September, because this is the best time to get your seedlings in the ground.

We carefully select plants that are native to the local area and are suited to thrive in the Wagga climate. They’re also perfect for attracting birds and other pollinators into your backyard.

We choose different locations each time and try to spread them around to provide the best opportunity for everyone.

Backyard Biodiversity

Backyards are important spaces to support local biodiversity. Think of your backyard as a stepping stone or a land bridge that allows native animals to travel safely between larger areas of natural bushland. Your backyard can help feed, water and shelter animals.

Your backyard also supports millions of invertebrates such as bees, butterflies, worms and ants. Every creature working to keep the system in balance.

Top tips for creating backyard biodiversity:

  • Plant species that flower at different times of the year so your garden is a source of food all year round
  • Plant a variety of ground covers, shrubs and trees to provide shelter for the different kinds of animals that visit your garden
  • Provide a water source, especially in summer, and include a spot for birds and bees to perch and safely drink using rocks and sticks
  • Keep pet cats inside between dusk and dawn - the average roaming pet cat will kill 186 animals/year in Australia

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