Weed Hygiene Station

Stopping the spread of weeds is important to protect our natural areas and farming land.

Weed hygiene stations are popping up at parks and reserves, and along sections of the Wiradjuri Walking Track, as a tool to help prevent the spread of weeds.

Designed by our own vegetation management team, these weed hygiene stations play an important role in stopping the spread of weeds and helps us learn more about weed movement. Firstly, users brush down their clothing, equipment such as bikes, and even the dog to remove any seeds. This stops the transport of weeds between sites. Secondly, the seeds are brushed into the base of the station and collected for identification. Learning more about what seeds are present can help Council better direct resources to target specific weeds.

The weed hygiene stations are also award winning through recognition at the Local Government NSW Excellence in the Environment Awards.

You will spot the weed hygiene stations at:

  • Pomingalarna Reserve
  • Marrambidya Wetland
  • Wiradjuri Walking Track

More weed hygiene stations will be installed at new locations in the future.