Community Cash 4 Cans Trailer – Booking Form

Use this form to request a booking for the Community Cash 4 Cans Trailer. Please ensure you read the Conditions of Hire carefully as you need to accept them in order to lodge a booking request.

  1. Making a booking

    A booking request form must be completed and submitted. The Environment Team will contact the applicant, if further information is required, if the booking is successful or to advise if the trailer is unavailable. Council reserves the right to refuse any booking if it is considered that such a booking is not in the best interest of Council.

  2. Conditions of hire

    The applicant must be part of a School, Sporting or Community group that is non-for profit to hire the Trailer.

    The applicant must hold a valid Australian Drivers Licence and must use an Australian registered and insured vehicle to tow the trailer. The towing vehicle must have full current comprehensive insurance.

    The applicant must obey all Australian road rules.

    The applicant must use the trailer in a skilful and proper manner and must not speed, overload or use it other than for its intended purpose.

    Applicant must agree to have the locking coupling attached to the tow vehicle when loading, and during unloading. The jockey wheel is used for raising and lowering the trailer and is not to be used to manoeuvre the trailer.

    The trailer must be stored in a safe environment at all times. When not in use, the trailer must be locked using the Council provided coupling lock.

    The trailer must not damage any private or council infrastructure i.e. landscaping and lawn.

    The applicant must not modify, repair or change the trailer and its equipment in any way.

    The applicant must inspect and confirm that the trailer is in a good and roadworthy condition before commencement of hire.

    The applicant must not use the trailer outside the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area.

  3. Damage and Cleaning

    Any damage to the trailer must be reported to Wagga Wagga City Council's Environment Team, before returning the trailer.

  4. Collection and return of trailer

    The trailer, along with the trailer coupling lock, must be collected from and returned to the Glenfield Road Animal Shelter at the dates and times nominated in the booking request form, unless other arrangements have been made with Wagga Wagga City Council's Environment Team prior to collection.

  5. Cancellations and changes
  6. All cancellations and changes to the booking including collection and return times are to be submitted prior to the collection date by email to or by phoning 1300 292 442.

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Collection and Return Details

Trailer collection and return times can be nominated for standard business hours, Monday to Friday.