Proactive Release Documents

This page lists Council’s Proactive Release documents, these are documents that Council believes are of interest to the public generally. This document will change from time to time with amendments (remove old, add new etc).

Should you find that a link does not work or a document has disappeared, please notify the relevant department so that it can be corrected.

Description & Document Links
Council Policies
Current Community Plans
Past Community Plans
Annual Reports
Performance Reports
End of Term Reports
Audited Financial Statements
Environmental Reports
Community Surveys
Fees and Charges
Council Business Papers & Minutes
Wagga Wagga Planning Documents
Wagga Wagga Plans of Management
Statement of Business Ethics
Customer Service Charter
Privacy Management Plan
Public Land Register
Appointment of Organisation community & Individual Citizen Members to Council Committees Policy
Contractor Safety Information Handbook
Volunteer Handbook & Volunteer Safety Handbook
Community Engagement Strategy & Community Strategic Plan
CCTV Information, policies, Codes of Practice & Operating Procedure
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Protocols
Wiradjuri Heritage Study
Bomen Axe Quarry & Manufacturing Site
On-site Sewage Management Plan 2014-2018
Inland Water Safety Management Plan
Flood Modelling
Flood Management Studies
Sewer Network Pollution Incident Response Management Plan
Planning & Regulatory Services Customer Service Charter
Bush Fire Maps and Best Practice Guides
Planning Proposals
Development Contribution Plans
Lloyd Urban Release Area
Wagga Wagga Heritage Study Review
Heritage Items & Conservation Area
Economic Snapshot Wagga Wagga
Wagga Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre - Strategic Masterplan 2016
Wagga Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre - Pollution Incident Response Management Plan
Climate Change Risk & Adaption Action Plan Wagga Wagga
Lake Albert Water Quality Readings
Wagga Wagga Brand Guideline
Pecuniary Interest Returns